Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It's a Chicken Day!

Tonight DIL1 is teaching her Urban Chicken-ry class and I found out that I get to tend Henny & Penny, our grandchickens, while DS & DIL1 are away for a few days--and keep the eggs the girls lay while they're gone. We've had some of their eggs but I haven't gotten to collect them yet. I am foolishly excited about the whole thing. I got up in the middle of the night (to pee) and evidently opened the shade over the bed because I vaguely remember seeing the full moon out that window. Unfortunately Durwood saw the moonlight streaming in and thought it was later than it was and got up. He was not amused. He woke me at 7:15 (a tiny bit gruffly) to say that he was going back to bed and I should get up. (Sorry, Dear.) I was going to the Senior Center to use the machines this morning but Skully said that she and Julie were there yesterday morning and the regulars weren't exactly glad to see them or friendly so we agreed to not go today. Instead I'm going to finish cleaning under the basement stairs and will get my exercise hauling all the trash and donations up the stairs and out to the car or curb. And I want to go to WalMart to get a thicker fitness mat for yoga. My arthritic knee doesn't appreciate the time I spend kneeling on it on the scrawny yoga mat I have now (which was a gift from Z-Dawg that I really like and appreciate but it's too thin) and I saw a much thicker one with a strap for rolling it up there. I'm getting one. My knee will thank me and I don't care if I look like a wuss, it's better than having a sore knee for days.

January 9--Thomas Eakins, The Champion Single Sculls. He thought of each race as a battle. When it came right down to it, every time he went out on the water he competed, even if it was against the wind or the current of a line of ducks along the bank. Max thought of his scull like an extension of himself. The narrow craft cut the water like a knife blade and he used the oars like wings to propel himself along the river. He was out just after sunrise in all sorts of weather putting his muscle and mind to the test. He had just slipped under the Harley Street Bridge when the woman in white plunged into the swirling cold river.

I could swear that this same painting was in last year's calendar but I refuse to check because that'd make me suspicious of the rest of them and I'd make myself crazy. Er. The sun's shining and it's supposed to be getting colder and snow before the end of the week. As much as I don't really like dealing with snow I have to say it's about bloody time.


Zoe said...

No hurt feelings here. That mat was a good starter mat, but it was too slippery for me.

Aunt B said...

Glad you're going to get to collect eggs from Henny and Penny. I remember doing that as a little girl and it's like going on an Easter egg hunt. But don't let them peck you!!!