Thursday, January 26, 2012


It's just warm enough this morning that a light fog is making the world look like it needs its windows cleaned. I could stand to pack up my "himmie hoot" and a pair of shorts to fly off to some beach for a week or a year to get sand in my toes and my shorts for a while. To me that means escaping everything and being a whole 'nother person. We are all grown-up enough to know that our inner demons follow us, or more probably we drag them with us. Relationships and life's problems aren't rooted in our location but ourselves. Bah. I'd like to jack my head up and drive a whole other body under it so I could lose my arthritic knee and my flab, but despite watching every single episode of The Six-Million Dollar Man when I was a kid, that medical trick is still not doable. I emailed back and forth with my boon-companion Lala yesterday and feel some better. Whining a bit does indeed help. For a while there yesterday I was wondering if I could maybe indulge in a little recreational electroshock therapy to just kind of push my reset button but I suspect that's not the way to go. I'll keep on keeping on and vent when I need it. Thanks for all your kind thoughts and words.

January 25--Raphael, Madonna and Child Enthroned with Saints. At least they look like real people, Marcy thought as she prepared to clean the painting. It was quiet in this corner of the Met. Even the fans were silent today. She was glad to be in the basement. The old air conditioning in the building was unreliable which wasn't the best for the art upstairs but it stayed cool down here. She bent over her work table and adjusted the light angle so it didn't glare off the paint, then began working in the corner of the canvas with distilled water and a swab. The work was hypnotic--dip the swab, then gently rub in circles to release any soil, finally blot, and then endlessly repeat. She thought she heard a footstep out in the hall, the scuff of a leather sole on concrete but when she called out there was no answer. She turned back to her work and the fans came back on making her jump and sending a cold draft down her back. In a few minutes she became conscious of a density in the air of the room as if the oxygen had been drawn out. Her knees weakened and she would have fallen if there hadn't been a pair of strong hands that caught her under the arms and lowered her gently to the floor.

Make your corner of the world bright today. I'm going to do my damnedest in mine.


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Aunt B said...

Did you write this before you ordered the red shoes??? Shopping -- even on line -- nearly always works for me.