Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunshine Makes Me Happy

When it's sunny I feel so much better than I do on cloudy days. It's hard to remember that it's January since we haven't had much snow, in fact I realized the other day that the only time I've run the snowblower was when I moved it from the shed into the garage. When I was out filling the birdfeeders I noticed that the forsythia's buds are swelling and the thyme in the pot at the edge of the patio has sprouted leaves down near the soil. I'm happy not to have snow to shovel or blow and skid around on on the roads but it won't be good when the farmers want to grow things and the soil's too dry. I'm procrastinating going downstairs to tackle the boxes and shelves under the stairs. I decided that's where I'm starting my once-a-week clear out. Yesterday I decided to just do nothing (which is very unlike me) and nearly managed it. I sorted out my knitting needle/crochet hook bin and of course I fell prey to a pattern and some super bulky yarn. I got about 6" knitted and realized that it was hurting my hands to knit it and I didn't like the fabric it was making. I ripped it out (that's called frogging in knit-speak) and put it all away. Put it away, like a good girl, so I'm not too motivated to go down there and make a mess again. But I will. Cross my heart. I'll post last night's writing, find a photo to stick on here, and send myself down there to work. I've got a batch of chili crockpotting away for next week's lunches too. It's starting to smell good. I should go stir. THEN post the writing... See? Procrastinating. Then, all stirred, now it's time to get on the stick and accomplish something big today.

January 7--Raphael, Lucretia. My sister Lucy spent the whole summer dress ed in a bed sheet. She did. We were living up at the lake house where the nearest neighbors were about a mile away so she said no one could see her anyway. She said it was comfortable but I thought it'd be too hard to run and keep the danged thing wrapped around you. Besides it kept slipping off her one shoulder letting her... well, you know... her boobie bounce out. When I get them, I'm keeping them tucked away. Maybe mine'll be little fried-egg ones and I won't have to worry about them flopping around. Mama said Lucy was exploring her options. Daddy said she should put some pants on.

Sometimes I wonder where I come up with stuff. Now I'm off to chase dust and spiders out from under the stairs. Wish me luck.

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