Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Frosty Roofs

It's been unseasonably warm for most of this winter so far. A lot of days have been in the 40s, if you can believe it, and we've had hardly any snow but that's about to change. Tomorrow's supposed to be in the 20s and the snow's supposed to start piling up, as in 4-8 inches worth. Good thing I've got gas for the snowblower, eh? It hasn't been very wintry or snowy so maybe the winter won't seem too long this year. Or maybe it'll extend into the months that are supposed to be springy. God, I hope not. We have more than enough gray and dreary days, thank you very much. The Urban Chicken class went well last night for DIL1. The place was packed with what had to be 45 people! Can you believe that many people want to keep chickens in their backyards? I was disappointed that the show chicken guy didn't bring any. I really wanted to see one. Guess I'll have to go to the county fair next summer. I finished cleaning under the basement stairs yesterday. I have a lovely pile of 7 garbage bags out by the curb and took one small load to the Goodwill. I'll pile more into the car to take on Friday before Knitting. (Oh, mercy, I could go back to sleep. Drink coffee faster. Slurp, slurp.) Maybe I'll go through a shelf of books or two on Friday and take a couple boxes along. I need to clear out some of the zillions of books down there to make room for other things. Not more books. I'm determined to be a good library patron instead of a good bookstore customer. Let the library store all those books, that's why I pay taxes, by God. Here it is 8 o'clock and the sun's almost fully up. How do people manage living north of here? It must be dark, or nearly so, until they get to work. I know it's dark when I leave work at 5 o'clock, or nearly dark. I'd never make it up in Alaska or in northern Europe in the lands of the Midnight Sun. I'd be asleep in a cave somewhere, I need sunlight to start my engines. And the lovely garbologists just drove away with all my trash. Thanks, guys. I'd better get a move on so I have time to do the crosswords before I shower and leave for work.

January 10 (look at that! it's a double-digit day already)--Japan, Ewer with Floral and Stripe Decoration. Steve watched Aubrey as she filled the old white stoneware pot with tea and hot water. The sharp, earthy fragrance of the leaves burst into the room. Pale yellow dawn light filled the corner where he sat waiting for the toast to pop up. While the tea steeped she went to let the chickens out and came in with a fresh egg in each hand. "It's a good day," she said. By the time the tea was ready she had fried the eggs and he had peeled and sectioned an orange for them to share. The golden rays of the risen sun warmed the kitchen as they ate breakfast. Both of them treasured the hour together in the early morning quiet before the rest of the world remembered they were there. "It is a good day," he replied.

Today I get to stop to collect eggs on my way to work. I'll report.

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