Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It's Soooo Cold Out There

Oh. Em. Gee. (to quote Skully) It is so cold that the birdbath heater can barely keep up. I've gotta go out and re-peanut butter the birdie tree and sprinkle the pb with birdseed. All the birds like to shelter in the branches and I like to give them a little treat while they're staying warm. Having that tree out there is totally worth the ten bucks I spent on it. Oh, I meant to tell you, when I drove by an hour after I got the tree the gate was closed and locked and the owner's truck was gone. I was fated to get that tree, I just know it. My friend Cookie talked to a crone in an occult shop last month and got a good idea for journaling fodder. Each morning you choose a tarot card, or an Archetype card by my friend Roi which have the most beautifulest artwork, then you open your journal, write down the date and the card you chose. At the end of the day you read the meaning of the card and journal how your day jibed with the card. I started yesterday and was floored when the card (the Ace of Wands) described my day exactly. Eerie. I want 2012 to be the year that I take charge of myself and my fate more, to effect the changes, some small some big, I want to work on this year, so I'm going to cast myself into the river of self-awareness and start paddling.

January 2--Suzuki Kiitsu, Morning Glories. They were like a hundred blue eyes, Suky thought as she slid through the tangle of morning glory vines that covered the doorway of the old brooder house. Granddad had warned them about the wasps that nested in the eaves but he'd never said to stay away. Suky had felt drawn to the place since she heard Mama talk about the chicks that used to live inside. She had found tiny feathers in every crack and cranny, stuck to the old wood. From the inside it looked like the morning glory vines were all that kept the place upright. No matter where she looked there were shafts of light filtering in through the big, bright-green, heart-shaped leaves. At first, she just sat in there thinking about baby chicks but then it was so nice and relaxing that she brought a book. Now she had a book to read, a notebook to draw and write in, and an old camp stool to sit on. The constant sharp hum of the wasps kept her alert.

The birds are all fed, the last gifts delivered, and Christmas $$ for a Wii Fitness game spent. I got myself a copy of Wii Zumba. Eeee! Can't wait to strap on the belt and see if I can't learn Zumba. I love to dance, or at least I used to when I wasn't 60 and creaky. I can do this.

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