Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Merry Christmas From Me to Me!

Belated, true, but Christmas is Christmas. Last Friday I stopped at a local, non-chain
jewelry store to have a link removed from my new watch's band. It's from Durwood, isn't it pretty? While he worked I looked at the displays.

In a display case right at the back of the store I saw a box with a pair of small hoop earrings with pearl dangles--and six other colored pairs of pearl dangles too. When the owner came back with my watch I asked him to show me the earrings. He said, "Finally! I've been waiting for someone to notice them." I asked how much, he said, "$66," I said, "Sold!" Merry Christmas from me to me.

I'd told Durwood that I wanted a new fitness game for the Wii. He didn't know which one so he gave me a little money to go buy one. I did that today. I got Wii Zumba! I love to dance so I can't wait to try it out. It'll probably be real good that no one can see me but I'll enjoy it, I'm sure. I'm ready to Zumba. (There will be no pictures, guaranteed.)

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Aunt B said...

Love the earrings -- and such a bargain!