Sunday, January 29, 2012

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Happy Chinese New Year! You missed it, you shoulda been here. We feasted and had a great afternoon. Naturally I was running behind so the table wasn't empty of daily crap, the tablecloth needed ironing, therefore the table wasn't set, and I didn't get the little zodiac animal figurines out until dessert. Oh well. When most of the dishes have to be made just before eating it's kind of a scramble, especially in our tiny kitchen, to get it all ready at the same time, but we managed. I had the soup finished and the rice ready to cook. We put DS's handmade dumplings into the oven to bake and also used the oven to keep things warm. Everything was delicious, the pickled veggies added a tiny bite of crunch and vinegar, and we had excellent fortunes all around. DIL1 & DS brought sorbets for dessert--mango and blood orange--could you die?? And we've got leftovers for supper tomorrow night. What's not to love?

January 28--Peru, Nazca, Figure Bottle. The little figure nestled right into my hand like it was made for it. Its knees were drawn up and it wore face paint like a child at a fair. I couldn't put it down or take my eyes off it. The rich red-brown of his skin and even the raven tattoos on its arms were oddly appealing. I held the small statue cupped in my hand. I paid for it but didn't want it in a bag. The shop owner rightly convinced me that I'd never get it home unbroken if I carried it. He was right, of course, but I had a hard time handing back my little bottle so that he could pack it.

At about midnight last night I realized that we didn't have teacups. This morning I went to Goodwill and scored 7 cups and 8 saucers. They're a little bigger than I wanted but aren't they awesome? They were ninety-nine cents a piece. Goodwill is the way to go for party dishes without breaking the budget. I'm going to go into the living room and zone out in front of the TV while Durwood watches the Pro Bowl in the kitchen. *yawn*

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Aunt B said...

OMG -- LOVE those tea cups! And 99 cents each! Score!!! Your dinner sounded wonderful.