Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Only One

It's my job to go let Henny & Penny out of their roost in the morning and shut them up at night while DS & DIL1 are off to Whistler, Vancouver, BC skiing for a few days. This morning was my first time. They were clucking and mumbling when I got there and Henny scooted right out of the roost when I opened the door, but I had to get the hoe handle to chase Penny out.

Then there was only one egg. DIL1 and DS both said that they each lay an egg a day. Someone's holding back. Maybe there'll be another when I go to shut them in to stay warm overnight.

This is Henny. She was frustrated that I wouldn't let her out of the fence when I left to go to work. Sorry, sweetie, I have to work and you have to peck.

Here's the poopy egg fresh from the egg box,

and the clean, speckledy egg.

Neither one of them pecked me.

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