Sunday, January 15, 2012

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Still and gray and barely 20 degrees. Ugh. No way would you catch me piling on the clothes and hiking over to Lambeau to watch the Packers play the... um, the (who is it, Dear?)... oh yeah, the Giants, with the good Manning brother, Eli. Eli's the good brother because I heard when Peyton was drafted by one NFL team (I don't remember which one) and he decided he didn't want to play with them so he said "I don't think so." What an ego!!! How dare he think that he was too good to play for the team? I'm not a football fan but I'm even less of a Peyton Manning fan for his overweening ego. I very nastily hope that the little brother, Eli, outstrips his big brother's overall football performance. But not today. I might not be a fan but people that I love (Durwood, DS, DD, DIL1&2, TW & AJ, the list goes on) are fans, plus if they lose then the fly-overs stop. That's really the only part of football that I like. I couldn't live in GB in another part of the city that the airplanes don't fly directly over, it feels like they fly over just for me.

January 14--Thomas Cole, The Titan's Goblet. Lake fell asleep with the book open on her chest. She had begged and pleaded to be allowed to stay awake to read and she'd been granted an extra half hour. the dream began as soon as her eyelashes tangled together and she sighed out the first deep breath of the night. Her dreamship sailed off the red and rocky cliffs of the land of Rockaway. Her ship, The Marlin, served her well, always running ahead of storms. She carried astronomers and scientists who studied the stars and collected rare and beautiful plants from the exotic lands she visited. Captain Lake had heard stories of the natives of Rockaway being under the rule of a giant with a bad temper and a worse reputation.

Time to go off and get a haircut. I'm hoping to convince Durwood to thaw out some bacon while I'm getting clipped so we can have some H&P eggs with toast and Nueske's bacon. Oh, OJ too. Sayonara.


Aunt B said...

Ohhhhh dear -- you're mixed up on your football lore!!! Eli is the one who wouldn't go to San Diego to play when he was drafted by them. And in spite of the fact that he sliced up the Pack last night, I still like him. If the Packers can't go on, then I'm cheering for the Giants because I've always felt Eli was overshadowed by his brother. Gotta have SOME reason to still care about the game!!!

Barbara said...

Well, hell. Don steered me wrong. Here I've been frowning at Peyton for no good reason. That's probably why he got hurt this season. Sorry about that.