Monday, January 23, 2012

RAIN! Freezing Rain!!!

Ye gods, it's going to be "interesting" on the roads today. I'll either sit twiddling my knitting all day or I'll be so busy I don't get a stitch knit. Coming home once it cools off later should be an adventure too. Lord love us, we're in for it today. I took a little break to shower--and now it's snowing like it means business. Holy shit, I'm in for a long day and an exciting ride to work and home. I got all my "to do"s checked off yesterday so I had nice fresh cocoa butter & aloe cream to put on my face after my shower and yummy chicken soup chock full of veggies for my lunch for the next 2 weeks. I package it all up and put half in the dive shop's fridge so it stays fresher. I'm so smart. And there's no one to steal my lunches because Mrs. Boss doesn't like cabbage and I usually put some in. Pretty smart, eh? I'd better leave a little early so here's a bit of story for your reading enjoyment.

January 22--Iran, Storage Jar. "Don't drop the damned thing," Merle said, "you paid too much so we might as well get use out of it before some fool kid breaks it." Arletta frowned and gritter her teeth but she kept her tongue in her mouth. She'd had her eye on the ceramic grain jar all day at the flea market. She knew better than to buy anything like that on her first go-round. She looked it over, saw the price, let the geezer tell her how it had belonged to the Shah of Iran and was smuggled over here, blah, blah di blah. Arletta let his words wash over her as she examined the rest of the items he had. Merle had traded war stories and terrorist stories with the guy as if the two coots in overalls had a lot of experience with radicals. She bought a few items for their granddaughter's new apartment from other vendors and when they were leaving she saw that the jar was still there. She talked the guy down to thirty-seven-fifty from fifty bucks. She didn't think that was too much for something this big and this pretty.

I kinda like Merle and Arletta. I like the flea market coot too (he needs a name). Maybe I'll resurrect them and explore their story. Off to slide to work. Wish me luck!
--Barbara Sue

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