Saturday, November 20, 2010

Working Saturday

Can you believe it? I have to work today. Oh, the humanity, the torture, the...boredom. Yesterday I sat at the dive shop all day. Here's what I did. First I watched the new Bones episode that my VCR didn't record for some reason, then I emailed Laurel a few times, updated things on my Ravelry account, knitted on Izzy's hat, talked to Mom and Durwood on the phone, read the new posts on the blogs I follow, and listened to my Walkman while knitting. Finallyfinallyfinally, at about 4:30 a couple came in to browse and spend his gift certificate. He finally chose a wetsuit so I had an actual sale. Then after 6 PM, JJ came in with his kids and a niece to meet his eLearning student and go to the pool. It was quiet again for the last half hour of my day. It's cold and dreary again today so I'm guessing I'll be just as busy, but without Laurel to "talk" to periodically throughout the day. *sigh* Don't worry about me, I'll be okay.

November 19--Pamalifan Island, Philippines. The path was too inviting to ignore. Paved with white sand rumpled by feet and bordered by green ground cover, it carried the murmur of the waves up to Leah's villa. She pushed her jet lag aside, put on a swimsuit and cover-up, dug out her sunscreen and a hat from the bottom of her suitcase, and followed the path. The air was clear and warm, fresh with the clean scent of salt and green plants. It was a welcome change from the used up air in airplanes. Just a quick swim, she thought, and then I'll find some shade to sleep in.

I suppose she might have met someone at the beach who caught her attention but all I saw was her sleeping and I knew you didn't want to read about that, I know I don't. I'm off to get dressed and see if anyone wants to go or talk about diving today.

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