Sunday, November 14, 2010


Yesterday afternoon our son came over to hang out, learn to knit, and eat his birthday supper with Mom and Dad. It was a crummy day so it was perfect for that purpose. We talked and talked, I baked a cake, I taught him to knit, and we had supper. We had steaks on the grill with onions and mushrooms and breaded parsnips with chocolate cake for dessert. Not a very balanced meal but it was delicious and way too much, but isn't that what celebrations are supposed to be about?

Today I have to make applesauce but first I have to go visit Mom and take out her trash and help her find some bunny slippers for a doll.

November 13--Bora-Bora. "I can't figure out how those palm trees stay in the ground," Leo said. he used his hand to describe the angle of the trunk in the air, making a swooping sound as he did. Nancy ducked before she got smacked and wondered how come males could always make good sound effects. Little boys seemed to be born able to make vroom-ing car sounds from the first day they could clutch a Matchbox car in their pudgy fingers. She had tried as a kid but only ended up with spit on her chin and shirt.

Aaand I kept falling asleep because it was nearly midnight and I was stuffed. Sorry it's so short lately. Enough excuses for you? Yeah, me too. Stay warm!

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