Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Not Working Today

I know it's my regular day off but I'm still luxuriating in the days stretching before me. Whoever controls the weather has gifted me with lovely warm sunshine and breezes for a few days. Thanks. Dusty and I walked out by the bay this morning and saw a pair of mallards, a running (probably) turkey in the distance, a white and orange cat curled up on a limb of a downed tree, and something that looked a lot like alien gonads. No, I'm not kidding, they're the right size and shape but only come in singles (that's why I think they're from aliens 'cuz mammals' come in pairs). Here's a picture.

Thanks for sending so many people to look at the duplex this week. We had 3 (!) yesterday and one so far today, and another one wants a callback. Now if one of them passes the background check and wants to rent from us, we'll be in business.

DIL and I finally got our schedules coordinated and went to lunch for Mother's Day today. She apologized for being so busy but I'm kind of glad that it took so long, it kind of made today Mother's Day lite. We ate at a little Italian caffe (Italian spelling) down by the river; it was great to see the sun sparkling on the water and watch the confused geese fly north. It was nice to have an unhurried sandwich and time to catch up. She's a real treasure.

November 8--Angra dos Reis, Brazil. We were the sixth boat into the little anchorage off Angra dos Reis island. I could see the little family groups setting up on the narrow beach. Chairs clustered in the shade of bright awnings and grills were already lit. Diego leaned over to put the cooler into the dinghy as I admired the view of his ass. I was so glad he refused to wear those horrid baggy shorts the American men swam in. They looked like they were wearing their color-blind grandfather's pajama bottoms. Just awful. I carried the picnic hamper to the stern and gave it to Diego. His eyes dipped down to my breasts and his eyelids dropped seductively. "I hope we can find a private spot," he purred as he licked his lips. I smiled and turned back to get the bag with our towels making sure to twitch my hips as I went.

Dag-gone it, I fell asleep just as it started getting good. Oh well, you can fill in the blanks yourself.

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