Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Going Down

Today the warmest temp is supposed to be past already, sliding down toward 32 degrees by bedtime. Brrr. Guess it's time to deal with the drift of leaves across the back of the house. If it stops raining long enough. Okay, drizzling. But then I tend to do yard work when the weather's bad anyway, like tilling the garden in the rain so my shoes accumulate twenty pounds of mud each. I love getting messy and dirty, don't you? I'm putting fresh, warm flannel sheets on the bed today so we can snuggle in nice and toasty tonight.

The second of my two customers yesterday brought their gear in to get checked out before their trip to Bonaire next month. Boo, I wanna go too. I keep trying to tell Durwood that we should go and damn the expense but he's frugal and determined that we not slide back into credit card debt. He's right, dang it, I hate when that happens.

November 29--Bora-Bora. Sally wanted to freeze the small plane in place so she could have a good, long look at the seaward side of the barrier island. The water was so clear in the bright sunlight that she could easily see the reef wall and she wished she could hold still to have time to watch the silhouettes of the fish as they moved around. She couldn't wait to strap on a tank and plunge into the warm blue water. The complex society of the coral reef fascinated her from the tiniest of shrimp living in an anemone to the schools of barracuda all the way up to the sharks at the top of the food chain. They wove together a web of life that kept her endlessly entertained.

I'm with Sally, I'd like to be there right now but what I have to do right now is go out and shift some leaves so the mice and voles find somewhere other than my back patio to spend the winter. Later, dudes & dudettes.

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