Sunday, November 21, 2010

I Need To Catch Finish-itis

Start-itis I can get anyplace anytime, but finish-itis is a much rarer disease. The need to finish things has begun to scratch at my consciousness lately so I decided to take pictures of everything I have OTN (on the needles) at present. I'm stunned. I suspect you will be too.

In basement time out is the Khaki cardi which needs only 1 1/2 sleeves and finishing.

The Lava Shawl hasn't seen any action in months since I had to frog all the lace rows and start at the end of th
e stockinette section and forgot it in a corner.

I worked feverishly on the back of the Red Marl Sweater and have done only a few rows of the front. Not really sure why.

I'm in the middle of slipper #2 of a pattern I found intriguing awhile back.

The 198 yds. of Mochi shawlette is on smaller needles with skinnier yarn than the last one and it's taking longer. I got distracted.

I have bee
n working fairly steadily on the Wrap.

I restarted Izzy's Hat last week and worked on it exclusively at work. I'm about an inch from starting the purple brim and earflaps.

The other night I was thinking about starting another narrow Purse Stitch scarf--so I did. But I promise to knit on the Wrap or Izzy's hat first when I need a yarn fix. Cross my heart.

And last night I picked up a crochet hook and whipped up a
nother Fish Bib for the Frisque baby-to-be. It needs fins, edging, applied I-cord, and an eye. That'll be a quick finish.

I solemnly swear that I won't cast on another project until I finish one of the big ones in the list (above Izzy's Hat) first. I really mean it. *dodges lightning bolt*

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