Monday, November 1, 2010

I Got Mail!

When I was up in Door County I stopped at Spin in Sturgeon Bay and bought two skeins of cotton/poly yarn from the 40% off basket that I knitted into a narrow scarf. I love that scarf. On the way home I stopped again and got the rest of the yarn in the basket, which was 3 skeins, meaning I could knit a scarf and a half. Naturally the yarn I like the best Gedifra Fiorista is discontinued. Naturally.

I trolled around other yarn shops, buying yarn here and there, but none is exactly right.

I got an email from Knitting Daily last week offering free shipping from Webs. So I went on their website and found the exact yarn I got at Spin and ordered 3 skeins, one each of three colors. (Of course you had to order $75 worth to get the free shipping. I resisted.) It came today! Yippee! Now I have enough to knit 3 more scarves of the optimum yarn. If only I had a couple more pairs of hands to knit faster.

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