Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Turkey Day!

Oh, boy, turkey day. I feel like singing the Turkey song. You are so glad that I don't know how to make a video, so glad. Me and Durwood are having turkey tacos tonight. Mom, DS & DIL are coming on Saturday for our official feast. Today I'll be making the onion bread and making sure the bird is thawed. Tomorrow I'll make the cornbread for the dressing from scratch so it can dry out a bit, then all we'll have to do Saturday is assemble things and eat too much. I hope you're all in the bosoms of your families, playing in the yard, squeezing the babies, listening to the oldies' stories one more time, and eating food made with love. I love you all.

November 24--Lombok, Bali. Genevieve regretted buying the calendar with pictures of Bali on its pages. It seemed like such a good choice last winter at the January sales. It had been a cold and snowy and she had been muffled up to her eyebrows. The thought of stretching out her painfully pale limbs in the hot tropical sun, walking barefoot int he powdery sand or swimming in the jewel bright sea made her decision. For the rest of the winter the pictures sustained her. Through spring and summer she admired the beauty of Bali. Now that winter was rolling around again and she had no prospects of visiting the tropics, this coming cold made the pictures seem like an unbearable taunt.

Eat too much!

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