Monday, November 22, 2010

Does Anybody Read This or Am I Talking To Myself?

If somebody's there, please leave a comment.

It looks like dusk out there and it's just past 10 o'clock in the morning. I watched The Weather Channel and there's a big blob of clouds over us and I hear that really cold air's on the way. Oh goodie. I'm hoping that it'll be dry and a bit sunny tomorrow so I can deleaf the lawn one more time before the snow falls.

What are you doing for Thanksgiving? We're postponing it until Saturday when DS, DIL, and Mom are available. Durwood's going to buy the turkey today so it can thaw in regal splendor in the fridge this week. One year Mom defrosted the turkey out in the garage and a little mousie nibbled on one thigh. She cut off the nibbled part (and a little more), rubbed the area with Kitchen Bouquet, and roasted it, figuring the time in the oven would kill any mouse germs. That's my mom! She's making the pie and the green bean casserole. We're doing the turkey, cornbread sausage stuffing and onion bread, and I'm going to ask DS & DIL to make bacon glazed carrots and the homemade cranberry sauce, either cooked or relish or canned, their choice. Mom used to make a cheesecake too because one of my brothers doesn't like pumpkin pie. Durwood and I should discuss that. It is Tradition, after all. Besides, cheesecake is good and it's a holiday.

November 21--Iceland. Carole signed them up for a guided tour of the geysers and other volcanic sights. Mac thought that was a grand idea. He had become fascinated with Iceland's geology and had taken to carting around a book about it written in Icelandic, which he couldn't read, but he got the waiter in the hotel cafe to translate "igneous" and "common" and "rare." He bought a canvas rucksack, a small pick-like hammer, and a box of small plastic bags to put his finds in. Carole didn't mind Mac's new obsession, in fact she encouraged it when she discovered a yarn shop next to the lapidary the waiter directed them to. Mac spent hours in there, making new friends and learning the Icelandic words for quartz, granite, lava, and basalt while she made new knitting friends. They both resolved to get a new computer and ask Eddie to teach them about email and other computer mysteries that would let them keep in touch with their new friends and the wider world. Carole just wished Mac would quit picking up every pebble he saw, it made their walks too short and too slow.

Okay, that's it for Carole and Mac in Iceland and I never got them to the geysers which is what was on the picture. I'm looking forward to having art, or should I say Art, to write about next year. 365 islands has stretched my imagination to the breaking point. Cross your fingers that the sun comes out for a minute today.


Ann said...

I'm here!

I'm sorry I won't be there for Thanksgiving. Give everyone a hug for me!

Aunt B said...

I should have commented on all your blogs ages ago. I read them every single day so keep'em coming! I love reading about what you're doing and your Thanksgiving sounds wonderful. Like Ann, wish I could be there.