Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday, Not Payday

because I picked my check up last week. Mrs. & Mr. Boss are off to Vegas for a dive equipment convention so I'm working all week--again. My 10 days off flew by nearly unremarked. We didn't get the duplex rented although we did show it 10 times. We still have hopes but we're not willing to lower the rent or compromise on our standards. Go, us! And I broke a nail this morning. Call the paramedics! I hate when I break a nail; it looks raggedy and ugly since I have fake ones that always look perfect-ish, but it's nearly time for a fill so I'll bear with it until Wednesday when I'll have time to go get it fixed.

November 14--St. John, USVI. Joshua was totally engrossed in what was before him. He hadn't wanted to waste his school break going on a family vacation. God, no one wanted to go off with the 'rents when they could hang with their homies at the mall, but he'd been forced onto a plane and made to sit with his stupid sister, the Lizard, and listen to his mom gush about all the fun they'd have. The bag's eyes had sparkled like she was high and she kept waving around printed sheets describing places to see like some demented tour guide. He was not going to go, not going to play his part in his mom's "Brady Bunch on Vacation" fantasy. They might be able to make him go but they couldn't make him have fun. He'd stuck to that until the Lizard suggested they try snorkeling. After the first hour Joshua had prowled through every boutique and shop at the resort until he found some books about reef fish and creatures in the watersports center. He'd charged them to the room along with a notebook and pen, and he's spent every waking moment since then identifying what he saw and learning their behaviors. His parents were amazed but his sister Elizabeth was smug. He was a lot less of a jerk since he'd fallen in love with fish.

Happy day to you. Time to shower and go keep the world safe from scuba diving.

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