Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cold Like Two Ducks

I have absolutely no idea what that means but Grandpa Gerst used to say it, so I'm saying it because it's co-o-o-old and windy today. Dusty and I walked the Baird's Creek trail this morning and it was fine going away with the wind at our backs but coming back the wind was in our faces, and my cheeks are still rosy an hour later. We bundled up and kept moving, it was a lovely 3.5 miles. The woods are much more open with all the leaves fallen and a lot of branches and even trees have fallen in the wind storms we've had lately. The creek was down a bit but still flowing over the rocks and the little rapids making a nice burbling, chuckling accompaniment to our constant talking and laughing. Now I feel all energized for the day, and I got two errands done on the way home so now I can lay around like a slug for the rest of the day. It's a good thing.

A young married couple came and looked at the duplex yesterday afternoon. I want to verify his employment first, but I think they'll be our new neighbors. And they want to move in by Dec. 1. Hooray! I'll miss parking in that garage but I can park outside in exchange for the rent check. No problem.

November 22--Pantelleria, Italy. Gene spent the first hours that they were at Club Levante exploring their villa, the private plunge pool outside their door, and exclaiming about the architecture and how hard it must have been to maintain the boulders during the building. Nell unpacked them both and put on the tiny white bikini she had bought especially for this trip, put on sunscreen, and draped herself in one of the chaise longue on the pool deck. He stepped over the boulder perched at the infinity edge of the pool. "Look at this, Nell," he said motioning her to join him leaning over the large tan rock, "you can see right down into the next villa's pool." She was horrified. "Get back here," she hissed. "If anyone sees you we'll be kicked out in a heartbeat." He turned to look at her, frowning. "You don't think they want me admiring the place?" She tugged his hand and he sat on the chaise next to her. "Of course they want you to admire it, just not quite so intensely." She put his hand on her bare skin. "Want me to rub sunscreen on you?" she purred. "Sure," he said, but then he stood and turned toward the villa. "Did you remember to pack my Scientific American?"

Poor Nell. I don't think she's going to have the romantic vacation at a secluded Italian resort that she had hoped. Ah well, maybe she'll find a handsome pool boy to flirt with. The sun is shining! I'm so happy.

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