Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Will The Drear Never End?

Okay, I don't know about you but I'm ready for a few days of sunshine to balance out the drear and rain. The feeling came to a head this morning when I noticed that there's algae growing on the patio--because it's been damp for so freakin' long. *sorry for the outburst* It's been so chilly that I'm back in long jeans, for god's sake. I can't take much more of this. All I want is to be able to take a walk outside along the river without an umbrella and sit on the patio in the morning with my coffee, the newspaper, and do the crossword puzzle. Is that asking too much? Apparently.

BTW, turns out that earwigs had moved into some switch on the air conditioner and shorted it out to the tune of $300 smackers. Thanks a lot, earwigs. Stupid bugs.

June 14--Ko Hong Island, Thailand. The little spit of sand was the perfect place to eat the box lunches that the dive boat people provided. Mariah caught on fairly quickly that the Asian lunch was dramatically better than the Western lunch. The Western lunch was dried out lunchmeat of an undetermined sort with a slice of that processed cheese wrapped in plastic on soft white bread with a smear of mustard, a limp lettuce leaf, a bag of chips, and a mealy apple. Not very appealing. On the other hand the Asian lunch had a teriyaki marinated chicken part like a thigh or drumstick, some barbecued pork, pickled vegetables, and rice, with the cutest little bottle of soy sauce and a mint. It even came with chopsticks. Mariah would sit on the bow of the boat or on the sand in the shade of the sea grapes eating lunch and getting better with the chopsticks every day. She'd talk with the other divers about the fish they'd seen and what they hoped to see on the afternoon dive.

And that's when I fell dead asleep. Durwood had to take away my notebook, pencil, and my glasses when he came to bed. Survive your day. Pray for sun.

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