Monday, June 21, 2010


Did you ever have one of those days? You know the ones. You try to accomplish things, try to do things you've been meaning to or forgot to do only to have it turn to crap? Yeah? Then you're familiar with the kind of day Durwood and I shared yesterday. It was Father's Day so it started out fairly well. DD called to wish her Dad a happy day and he got to toddle off to shop for a console organizer for his new van all by himself, no wifely help makes for a better experience sometimes. (I'm a little bossy and opinionated, shhh, don't tell) I went to get some ant killer at Stein's, because the lawn's full of growing anthills, and an inexpensive pH meter so I can make sure my blueberries are happy. On my way home I stopped at a new salon to get my nails done (I forgot on Saturday until it was too late.) That was the day-breaker. The nail tech was nice enough, quiet but nice, and it wasn't any more expensive than my usual place, but on my way out to the car and into the house I smudged three (3!!!) of my just-polished nails. The polish was very sticky even after sitting for 10 minutes under the light and fan thingy and I was royally peeved, so peeved I didn't go back to have it fixed. I tried to slough it off but carried it around and even shared it a bit with Durwood (not very nice on Dad's day, I did do the laundry though, at least that was a good thing). He got online and reserved a room for when we go next weekend to visit friends, and then we took the new (to us) van out to make sure we knew how to set the cruise etc. for our trip to IN. That went okay, and supper went well, but after supper I turned the oven on to clean, sending acrid fumes into the house. I didn't even think how that would affect Durwood's already iffy breathing. Not good. Then he called the motel to confirm our reservation and was told they didn't have it. Now he's thinking his credit card # was floating out there in the ether and he couldn't get another reservation for the same price for the same room. By 11 o'clock he was driving off to get a malt at Sonic so that he could breathe fresh air and I was trying to air the house out. Yeah, it doesn't sound tense but let me tell you it was. I felt bad (for very little reason), he was in a mood, not good all around. Everyone feels better today, thank heavens. And I get to go to work. I think the day apart will do us good. Ain't love grand?

June 19--Bjorko, Sweden. It looked like Viking raiders had landed. The little narrow double-ended boat nestled in the reeds on the shore nearest Aunt Inge's cottage. My brother, Karl and I were there for the summer to help Aunt Inge do her chores since she'd broken her wrist in three places falling off a ladder in the rain. She was Mama's older sister who had never married and she lived all by herself on an old farm on the north end of the island near the ruins. What ruins, you ask? Well, Bronze Age ruins, a log fortification and three houses or quarters, at least that's what the professor from the university told Aunt Inge when he came for supper last time.

Not much for two night's writing but I was too sleepy to be long-winded. Once again I'm just happy to have written.

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