Monday, June 14, 2010

One Of These Days...

life will run smoothly for more than one day in a row. Somehow in my "just woke up" state this morning I realized that the fan was running but no cool air was coming out of the vents. (We keep the a/c on to keep the humidity and mold down so Durwood's allergies stay at a manageable level.) That means the a/c fixit guy gets to come visit today. Oh goodie, a service call bill. Good thing I noticed before it heats up later in the week, huh? And my right shoulder blade isn't feeling better as quickly as I think it should, and sometimes I have tingles down my arm and in my hand. That's not right. I'll have Durwood rub some Sports Creme on it, that'll help, or maybe I should just shut up and quit expecting everything to be better fast and things to always go my way. Nah, can't do that. You know what I'd like? A reset button or one big do-over.

June 13--Eysturoy, Faroe Islands, Scotland. Alexander was glad that it had rained through the night. The rain meant plenty of water to gush down the mountain streams and cascade down the near-vertical slope. The rushing water covered any sounds he made climbing up and away but it also masked the sounds of his pursuers, if he hadn't given them the slip. Doyle had driven him as far up into the hills as he could without calling attention to himself and since then Alexander had been on his own, living by his wits and good luck. The clouds moved and a shaft of sunlight glinted off the crystal of his watch. Alex whistled for his dog, Pen, and the great white shepherd bounded up to him from behind a boulder. It was time for school and his make-believe life as a spy ended.

Well, that didn't go the way I thought it would.

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