Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Out In The Rain

But happily it didn't start until after our walk along the river. The herd of Canadian goslings is growing up fast, they still look like little piles of brown grass but they're getting bigger. Carp seem to be spawning in the river so the big geese are patrolling the bank and river side nearest the "nursery" which in other seasons is a greenspace behind some houses, kind of park-like but unimproved except for regular mowing. Guess the goslings don't get to swim with those big fish. We also saw a white pelican paddling along, it looked a lot bigger close up than flying by. After our 2 miles, I picked up DIL for a shopping jaunt to get fabric to make a curtain to screen their lower front door window. She chose a lovely blue and white border print that will do just fine for the purpose. I made her walk up and down the aisles of on-sale lawn tchochkes (and I only bought one half-price ceramic sheep--couldn't resist) and then we went to a yarn shop that's going out of business (maybe, if she can't find a buyer) where I got a little yarn, not too much, just a little. I bribed her with lunch at Alpha Delights. Mm, salad and iced tea.

June 7--Bali. The private plunge pool outside the villa looked inviting and the view of the sea was breathtaking. The only jarring note was the dead body floating face down in the pool rotating slowly with the moving water. the bellman dropped the suitcase he was carrying and made a harsh clucking sound in his throat. The guests, a middle-aged American couple, gaped and then backed away before retracing their steps, the woman keeping a death grip on the man's shirt sleeve. The bellman pulled his cell phone out. "Gerelyn, call the police," he said to the desk clerk, "there's a body in the pool of number eleven." He listened for a moment and then said, "No, I don't recognize him but he's definitely not a guest." He barely took a breath and continued. "Because he's wearing a pareo and he's covered with tribal tattoos. Thank you." He gathered up the dropped luggage and went back to the van to reassure the guests that this was not an every day occurrence at the Bali Four Seasons Resort. "Damned inconsiderate of him to get killed here," he muttered as he went.

Oh, I'm in the mood for a nice juicy murder. What could be better on a rainy afternoon?

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