Monday, June 28, 2010

Sorry For The Silence

We were off visiting friends in Goshen, IN for a long weekend and wi-fi at the Super 8 was spotty, to say the least. I'm not going to subject you to endless pictures, I'll just post a few that encapsulate our experiences.

There was a yarn shop. I bought 2 skeins of Fixation for ankle socks and a shawl pattern.

We saw the most amazing trees, Copper Beech, at the cemetary where Ad works. Their bark looks like elephant skin.

Lots of Amish live around Goshen so I was endlessly entertained seeing buggies. Next time Durwood said he'd take me on the buggy tour. When we were driving to our motel, passing a Walmart, a horse and buggy came zipping out of the Wally World parking lot and crossed the highway. I'm convinced that the driver was a young guy who had just "floored it."

We stopped at a cheese factory where they give lots of samples. After a trip to the bakery, no lunch was needed.

We visited a quilt store that had a street rod car show in its parking lot. I could have taken any number of those beauties home. Oh, and the quilts were pretty too.

I drove through Chicago, in the rain, on the way home, mostly
because I was feeling afraid of doing it, so having my darling Durwood beside me to help me stay calm and brave made it the perfect time to stiffen my spine. I hate being afraid of things. I drove us to the outlet mall in Pleasant Prairie before giving up the driver's seat. After a fruitful shop and gyros for lunch Durwood drove the rest of the way through Milwaukee and home by late afternoon.

The lilies are still blooming like crazy, new ones are opening every day.

And I did knit a little on my latest sock, mostly in the van on the drives but a tiny bit sitting by the pool. I cast on a Sun Visor hat a couple weeks ago. I'm not sure I'll keep going. I need to consult with The Yarn Whisperer at Friday Night Knitting Circle before I decide to forge ahead or frog it and use the yarn for something else. I'm thinking I'll cast on a sweater tomorrow too. I've got enough yarn to knit a red hoodie that I might be able to finish before my week at The Clearing in October if I get it on the needles soon. Besides I'm bored with my scarf and not sure I like it anymore anyway. Would it be so wrong to frog it--for the fourth time?

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