Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I Need To Go To Bed Earlier

Once again I stayed up until 11 (gasp) last night and fell asleep in mid-write. I'm such a lightweight in the staying up races these days. And it's not as if I work my tail off during the day so I'm tired at night. I just conk off, maybe I need a tonic. Maybe I need to run away from home and join the circus or become a pirate or do something out of the ordinary. Humph.

June 22--New Caledonia. The patchy reefs in the clear shallow water were home to a whole world of life. (dozed off here) Carson made sure to have her camera whenever she went anywhere close to the water. She had made images of many of the small fish and the juvenile (another little nap here) eels that lived in the thickets of staghorn coral in the shallows. She had learned to be very careful with her breathing so that she stayed neutrally buoyant, that way she didn't scare away (a struggle to finish the sentence) the small fish. (aaand she's done for the night)

Well, that's fairly repetitive and dreadful, at least it's short. Stay dry today, looks like rain.

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