Friday, June 18, 2010

Busy Day

Sorry I'm posting so late but today the fun never stopped. Durwood had a doctor's appt. at 10, then we bought a new/used van for him, I met a pair of old high school chums for lunch and an afternoon of visiting, then DS & DIL came over to make supper and play cards for Father's Day. We had fun and ate well. They were predicting thunderstorms but it looks like we dodged that bullet. We do not need more rain, the skeeters are big enough, thanks.

June 17--Cyprus. At first there was just a pinprick of light, a glimmer that Selma doubted was really there. She had been wet and in the dark for so long it had become normal but she always held out hope of light and air and open space ahead. A hint of salt tang hung in the air and lured them across the damp slippery rocks toward the twinkle of light far away and high over their heads. She stumbled on, her empty water bottle clutched in her hand. Thank god they hadn't had to resort to drinking from the pools in the recesses of the caves or eating the blind cave fish and the white crickets. She kept the wrapper from her last granola bar just to be able to smell the honey and almonds it was made of and to be able to lick the paper. As she stumbled the last few feet into the heat and light of the open air tears began to flow down her cheeks. "Oh for god's sake, Selma, it was an hour," said her husband Jim. "Next time maybe you should stay on the bus."

I know just how she felt, I hate being in the dark and underground. Bite me, Jim.

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