Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I heard back that the mag editor received my submission, scanned it, thought it was okay, and sent it on to the next editor. I'm awaiting further developments. Will she/he send it back for revisions? I don't know, but I'm checking my emails like I'm waiting for a marriage proposal.

June 1--Maldives.
The long wooden pier scribed a silver-gray path out over the shallow bay. The water was so clear as to be invisible except for the small fish that darted into the shadows of the pilings as he passed. Tamil hated it when he had to work the afternoon shift, when he had to walk out that long way careful not to not shimmy the pier and in a low obsequious voice take drink orders from the guests, nearly naked women who camped out there from lunchtime onward to sundown. How did they live with that level of inertia? He had always been a fidgety kid and he still needed to stay busy now that he was an adult. How did their god feel about them displaying themselves like that?

Can you believe that it's June?!? June, the middle of the year, the month when school's out for ever, at least that's how it seemed when we were kids, didn't it? Now months move by so fast I don't even notice them. Life moves too quickly these days. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, I sound like an old person. Right now I feel like one too.

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