Tuesday, June 29, 2010

An Excellent Day--So Far

I walked 3 miles with my friends, had my bones rearranged at the chiropractor (I totally love when he cracks my neck back into place), stopped at my walking friend's house and tried out a bike which I brought home with me, and went to a yarn shop one last time before they close. I have plenty of yarn, plenty!, but who can resist 40% off? Not this chicken. For lunch I made myself a batch of olive hummus. I'd been craving hummus and happen to have a quart jar of mixed olive salad that is perfect for tossing in there. My all-time fave is roasted red pepper (water pack) hummus, but the olive is good too. I toast a pita half and slather it on. Perfect with a handful of baby carrots and a piece of fruit. Yum. I'm excited about borrowing a bike and riding around. I need a helmet and a lock and then I'm set to pedal my a$$ around town. Later I'll mow. I feel great today, can you tell?

June 28--Isla Bustimentos, Panama. "What do you mean, there're no roads?" Sheila's voice rang out over the terminal. They were standing near the double row of car rental counters. Drake stood silent, wishing a convenient sinkhole would open at his feet and swallow him up. "I told you. I've told you a dozen times, Isla Bustimentos has this exclusive resort with little bungalows right on the sand and each one has its own dock with a thatched hut, uh, pergola with hammocks for relaxing." Sheila shook her head harder with every word. "And I suppose you expect me to stay in some primitive bungalow filled with lizards and probably," she shuddered, "snakes in the thatched roof? Not a chance, bucko, not this girl." She tapped her gold sandal-shod foot. "I need concierge service, a spa, and shopping, not a hammock, a kayak, and lizards in the ceiling." Drake stared at her for a long moment, then he sorted through the papers in his hand. He gave her a ticket and her blue cardboard-covered passport. "Have a safe trip home," he said as he picked up his suitcase and walked out of the small terminal to find the driver holding the clipboard with "Shelton" printed on it. He had a wonderful week and didn't miss his high-maintenance girlfriend once.

I'm amazed that he endured her that long! I'm going to go dust my new bike. Maybe I'll take a spin around the block.

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