Friday, June 11, 2010

Thunder and General Pissiness

Oh, I just FELT that thunderclap, and I heard things tinkling around in the kitchen. I suppose I did pile the dishes a little precariously in the drying rack last night after I washed them, but it didn't sound like anything sustained real damage.

I got a rejection today that really put a bee in my bonnet. It's not the rejection itself. Though, of course, I would rather see acceptances, I can handle rejections. I can even handle the fact that it was a form rejection. What really ticks me off is the snide-ness of the form letter: Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate this particular submission because it does not fit our current publication needs. Perusing our current issue and archives is a great way to become familiar with our style. I DID read through the magazine, and I thought the story was a fit or I wouldn't have sent it. Sure, there's difference of opinion, but that doesn't mean the editor needs to imply that I'm lazy sent a submission with no idea of the type of stuff they publish. I suppose I shouldn't be too upset, because I know magazines must get a lot of blind submissions and it has to be tiresome for the editors, so I shouldn't take a form rejection personally. But still...

Barbara, your entry made me want to watch Joe Versus the Volcano -- it's been ages since I've seen it!


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