Saturday, June 19, 2010

Up And Out Early

We just got back from the Farmer's Market where we ate our favorite $3 FM breakfast: a pork egg roll for Durwood (he likes lots of duck sauce) and 3 crab rangoons for me (with just a little squirt of sauce), nutritionally rounded out by all the samplers in the booths--a bit of cheese here, a strawberry there... Jenny, her mom, and her grandma were there, DS & DIL too. One of the Army herb ladies has been in Iraq and I was glad to see her home safely, but just on leave it turns out, she'll be home for good in August she said. I think of her and hope she's safe when I run my hand through the chocolate mint I bought from them a few years ago. We bought a bag o'tomatoes for Durwood's breakfasts, kohlrabi, zucchini for the grill (too yummy for words), some Sugar Ann peas (their pods are thinner than the regular Sugar Snap ones), and a 1# bag of crimini mushrooms for only four bucks. It would have been easy to buy something from each and every booth, good thing Durwood comes along to keep a lid on my buying. I love the Farmer's Market. Do you go? What's your favorite thing to buy?

June 18--Palau. The blue water races along the wall that juts straight up from the seafloor. We ride that oceanic freight train, keeping our bodies trimmed so that we feel the primal push on our fins. I watch the fish, big and small, move easily across and against the rushing water. I'm amazed because I've give up trying to take pictures on this dive. I tried to stay in place to snap a frame our two of snoozing nurse sharks under a ledge but even kicking as hard as I could didn't prevent me from being driven along. I study the fish, the silver disks of them flash in the sunlight that filters through the clear water. They defy physics and I can't see how. Guess I keep riding the currents and take only memories instead of pictures.

Happy Saturday! I'm off to find some red, tubular annuals to plant in the pots by the honeysuckle to keep the hummingbirds happy.

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