Thursday, June 24, 2010

I Changed Time Zones

We drove to Goshen, IN today to visit friends. Our uneventful drive was interrupted in Chicago by a little sightseeing jaunt. See, we were in the express lanes driving into the city and an exit was coming up and I directed us into the wrong lane. So we had a little trip through the Loop. We went downtown, turned south on Michigan Ave. and after a bazillion stoplights joined back up to I-90. Whew. Durwood steered us wrong in Goshen from the motel to our friends' house but it wasn't nearly as scenic a detour as downtown Chicago.

June 23--Tsushima, Japan. The vegetation on the island trees covered the land right down to the water and the vines covered the trees like a tarp, whole civilizations could thrive there and no one would know. Ichi followed a trail over the spine of the biggest Tsushima, walking up into the clouds where the air was mostly water, and then down into the valley. He wished that the sun's rays would cut through the chilly mist and bring a little warmth. His feet felt like they were melting in the old boots that had to last at least another generation. The damp penetrated every fiber of his being, his skin felt loose on his frame. He dreamed of sunlight and dry wind that blew the mists of his islands to shreds.

And now, since it's an hour later in this time zone, it's time for bed. G'night.

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