Wednesday, June 16, 2010

One Thing That's Good About The Rain...

I haven't had to water the garden, top up the birdbath, or fill the fountain in over a week. Okay, that's three things, but still it's good that Mother Nature's doing the watering. Of course, I haven't been able to plant flowers either but I'll get there. I don't have that many pots to plant, maybe half a dozen, so I could do that in an hour, and I've got a gift card to Stein's. Let's just hope they've got some red tubular flowers left when I get there this weekend.

I'm the leader at writer's this week and I'm kind of freaking out about a lesson. I've got a couple of ideas, I think I'll spend some time today surfing the web and maybe inspiration will strike. Gotta finish my critique of Sean's chapter too. Procrastination, anyone?

June 15--Molokai, Hawaii. "It must have been one hell of an earthquake to lop the end of the island off like that," Mac said, staring straight up from the deck of the tour boat. "You can say that again," his friend Joe said. "Those are the tallest cliffs I believe I've ever seen." Two couples standing near the two old men leaning on the ship's rain and each other in about equal measure just stared. Neither of the couples appreciated the effort it took for the two old men to keep moving, to get up and dressed every day, much less to get themselves to Hawaii to revisit places they had last seen when they were barely out of their teens. Under the soft wind and the lap of waves against the hull Mac and Joe heard the echoes of incoming rounds and the whiny buzz of Japanese Zeros. It seems incomprehensible that war had ever raged in this peaceful place.

I don't know why I needed the 2 couples but evidently I did. Hey, at least it's writing.

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