Sunday, June 6, 2010

Nice To See The Sun

I am constantly amazed at how having the sun come out can totally change my mood. I go along on cloudy days thinking I'm okay and then the sun shines and I feel as if I've lost 10 pounds. I sit up straight, my eyes feel more open, all because of a few rays of sunlight. It was so damp in here after 2 days of rain and 100% humidity that last night I closed up the house and turned on the a/c just to siphon out some of the moisture. I mean, I had trouble getting up from the table because the carpet (I'm tired of kitchen carpeting, so tired) was so wet my chair wouldn't slide, and the carpet itself was bubbled up in places, uck. I'd like to rip out the rug and replace it with even the peel-and-stick tiles but Durwood's feet get cold and he likes the carpet. Isn't it just like a man to prefer comfort over style? I'm grateful that we didn't put carpet in the bathroom when we built this place, oh god, 32 years ago. I can't believe it but we took possession on April 1, 1978. A. Mazing. Uh oh, the clouds are back, back into the dumps, and I'm determined to get back on track with my eating so no dark chocolate pieces. [No, Barbara, no, you don't need them. Have a cinnamon disk, you bought those at the dollar store and they're tasty and you won't eat them all in one sitting.] I'll be fine. Don't worry about me.

June 5--Livingston Island, Antarctica. It looks like you're above a blanket of clouds with a few of the bigger, puffier ones poking up but you're not. You're on the bottom of the globe, a place where it's always winter-cold, where it rarely gets to forty degrees, and the snow and ice never totally melt. The light is so flat that the terrain looks flat too. The snow looks like a membrane of white with bluish gashes in it, torn places where the surface has been rent by movement below. The only living thing here in this desolate place is the wind which does its best to steal your life if you give it a chance.

Well, that's cheerful, isn't it? And it's what I'll be writing about again tonight, if I can muster up the guts to face that desolation one more time. Enjoy your day!

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