Friday, July 26, 2013

Zoom Zoom

That's been my day today.  Zoom over to pick up Porter for a walk.  Stop at For The Birds to buy a laminated trees & wildflowers guide; I got a Birds of Prey one too.  Drop Porter off, drive to Cook's Corner for a 1/8 c. scoop, stop at AAA for maps & tour books for our October jaunt to the Carolinas, swing by the Ashwaubenon Library to pick up a book I had on hold (Breakfast with Buddha, it's a reread, I highly recommend it and anyone who knows me well knows I have very little patience for self-help books but this one I like).  When I got home I took a quick shower, dressed, then Durwood and I went to Rogan's where he didn't find comfy shoes, to Walmart where he did, we also got a few groceries and a couple other things like a person does in Walmart, to Copps for an Rx and a few more groceries (there were coupons), and finally we swung by the Sunny Hill Farms wagon for a few ears of sweet corn and a triple handful of sugar snap peas.  *pant, pant*  By the time we got home it was nearly 2 PM so we fired up the corn pot, reheated a bit of bbq pork, and steamed some fresh broccoli.  Since it's knitting night Durwood suggested that we have dinner in the afternoon and soup or something for supper.  Sounded like a plan so that's what we did.  

It was very overcast and stormy looking all morning (all of my old and new injuries have been aching like crazy all day, including my shoulder--I do NOT want another body part turning into a barometer) and we managed to get all our running finished before the sky opened up and it rained like crazy--for about 15 minutes.  A cold front is supposed to be blowing in today and it's only supposed to get into the mid-60s for the next two days.  Can you imagine?  Last week it was hotter than the hinges of Hades, this week it's been gorgeous, this weekend it will feel like Autumn.  It's crazy around here.  Cray. Zee.  And training camp started today so this side of town is crawling with wide-eyed tourists in green and gold jerseys standing in the middle of traffic so they can take pictures of Lambeau Field.  AND Cabela's opened yesterday so there are cops at the intersections around there controlling the stoplights.  Guess where Copps is?  You are correct, right next to Cabela's.  Guess where the corn wagon is?  Across the street from Lambeau.  What'd I tell ya?  Crazy.

July 26--Marie-Denise Villers, Young Woman Drawing.  Don't interrupt me.  Can't you see I'm busy? she seems to say.  "Clara," Papa called from the study, "Clara, your friends are here."  She wondered why he hadn't sent Harris or one of the ever-lurking maids to give her the message.  No one called out, no one raised their voices here.  Mamma would take the offender aside to remind her that ladies don't raise their voices.  Clara could see her friends from her perch in the window seat but she wasn't ready to stop drawing.  Let them come back later.

Now it's nearly 4 PM and I sit and wonder where the day went.  All I need to do is reread that paragraph up there and pay attention to my sore feet and aching back and I remember.  Getting old sucks.  Yeah, yeah, the alternative is worse, but let me whine a bit, I'm so good at it.  The clouds are back; looks like more rain.Ta-ta.

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Aunt B said...

Can't wait to hear your plans for the Carolina trip in October. I'm already thinking of things we can do when you're here.