Friday, July 12, 2013

What's the Difference Between a Pagan and a Heathen?

That was a question bandied about at Knitting Guild last night.  See, Z-Dawg had a booth at a "small pagan festival" for selling her crafts but she said that there'd been a big pagan festival the weekend before so not many people attended the one she was at so she didn't sell a thing.  (boo)  None of us pretty well-educated people could answer that question so I looked it up.  According to Yahoo! Voices, a person who does not follow the Christian god is a pagan, a heathen is someone who worships Germanic and Norse gods and goddesses.  That seems pretty straightforward.  I linked to the answer because they've got a more thorough explanation for you seekers of further knowledge.

Porter really wanted to run this morning on our walk.  She's doing better with sitting on command (sometimes even straight at my side but more often perpendicular to see what's behind us) and heeling but she wishes I would run.  When we got to the open park area where I let her run to the end of her leash on the way back she ran and spun around so much that if I hadn't stopped her she'd have choked herself.  I sure hope her backyard's able to be walked on next week because that girl needs to run.  I will say that when I asked her to heel on the last part of our walk I didn't lock the leash and she pretty much stayed right beside me.  Good dog!

July 12--John Marin, Lower Manhattan from the River, No. 1.  Everything was covered with soot.  No matter what Becca touched her hand came back black.   More people than every had gone back to burning coal in their fireplaces so the air was filled with oily black smoke.  Since the oil embargo halted the importing of Middle Eastern oil things had changed.  Coal mines that had closed decades before were reopened and safer mining practices developed.

Thirty minutes later I woke up, put my notebook and glasses on the nightstand, and turned out the light.  Such a boring accumulation of words that it put even me to sleep.  It's a gorgeous day outside, go out and play in it, or at least take a walk around the block.

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Aunt B said...

Cute pic of the duck and ducklings -- but you were too sleepy to comment on it!