Friday, July 19, 2013

Made It To Friday Without Melting

But it was a near thing at work yesterday.  Mrs. Boss called to ask me to fill the air bank, a reasonable request, but that meant turning on the compressor which really heats up the place and the a/c was already struggling to keep up, but being a good employee I did.  It ran for about 3 hours and the a/c ran the whole time keeping it about 80 in there.  Not cool.  And it remained merely bearable until I left at 5.  I think it might be a combination of the oven-like temps outside, the uninsulated block building, and a too small a/c unit.  Good thing it's supposed to cool down this weekend.  Mrs. Boss is off to Idaho today to spend a week with her mom and Mr. Boss' brother Darrell (not his other brother Darrell, remember on the old Newhart show? [watch the clip to the end, it's worth your 5 minutes and 26 seconds]) is working her days so I don't have to work every single day she's gone.  Woohoo!  At this stage in the game I'd rather have the time off than the money.  I don't want to quit (most of the time) but I don't want to work any more than I already do.

I was feeling all artsy when I was heating up my coffee, thinking about how much I enjoyed Fat Mum Slim's Photo A Day challenge so I took some artsy photos of my coffee and the dishes in the drainer (I was too tired to do them last night, I know, I'm a bit of a slacker sometimes).  Then I went outside to snap the lilies and look what I found.  Ripe tomatoes!  I picked the little plum tomato because the other 2 in the cluster were nibbled by the resident garden bunnies so I brought that one in to save it to ripen unnibbled.  Durwood was very excited to see them when he got up from his nap.

July 19--Japan; Momoyama Period, Cranes and Flowers of the Four Seasons.  The roots of the trees look like thick dark fingers clutching the earth.  Jane stumbled on hearing scratching and scrambling in the underbrush.  She thought she was still on the path but hadn't seen a trail marker in quite a while.  How lost could she get?  All of the trails made big loops so she had to come back to where she began.  Didn't she?

Oh, I had big plans for that one but my day overtook me and slammed me down into sleep.  I was lucky to be able to put my notebook and glasses away before I was lost for the night.  As it was there are huge scribbles over most of the page.  I raised the garage door yesterday to take out the trash and saw a mud dauber nest on the bottom of the door.  After I took its picture I scraped it off.  Don't want to host wasps in the garage.  Nope, don't wanna.  I'm going to try to stay in the cool house as much as possible today.  You stay cool too.

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