Saturday, July 20, 2013

Damn. Damn. Damn.

Yesterday afternoon KC called to invite me to go diving with him and DM.  I said yes.  Durwood said he thought it was a good idea.  After knitting last night I packed my gear and carried it upstairs.  That's when I realized that my right shoulder isn't as "better" as I thought it was so going diving, carrying heavy things, twisting my shoulder around to put on my gear, etc. wasn't a very good idea.  Damn.  Durwood reminded me that I can go again when my shoulder's better, that if I really injure it I might not get to go ever again, but damn.  I cried a little last night when the realization hit.  Self-pity isn't pretty.

It isn't hot!  I went outside, not quite as early as I do on weekday mornings, and it wasn't hot.  It was warm, but then it's July, but it wasn't stifling, wasn't humid, wasn't unbearable.  Ahhhh.  I took some flower pix, picked the lone asparagus spear (we haven't gotten much this year) and the blueberries.  Look there are more and they're ripe.  Yum.  

When it hit me that I really shouldn't go today I stayed up reading until midnight so I didn't write, I just went to sleep, so this is all there is today--a little self-pity and some garden pix.  Sorry.


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Aunt B said...

You're entitled to a little self-pity every now and then. Still.... too bad you didn't get to go diving.