Tuesday, July 2, 2013

11 Customers

Eleven!!!  One was waiting for me when I pulled in and the other 10 just kept a-coming--a couple from Texas dropped off tanks for fills, a man from Wyoming came in to kill time, a whole slew of rental tanks were returned to be filled (and then emptied because I forgot that Mrs. Boss wanted to do their annual inspections "as long as they're mostly empty" *head, slap*), a high school kid and his mom came in for his mask, snorkel, fins & booties for his class trip to Belize, and on and on.  I heated up my bowl of soup at 1 PM and finished my fruit salad just before 3 PM, not exactly my ideal 2 hour lunch.  Yep, I was busy.  The day flew by and I got almost all my work done.  Whew.

Hey, do you review places you've gone to or stayed at on TripAdvisor?  My pal, Lala, does and she touts it as a great place to do research before a jaunt.  They have places to stay, places to eat, and things to do.  I signed on last week and did a little remedial reviewing and it looks like a good resource for travelers, especially those of us who avoid chain motels and restaurants if we can.  I think we'll be signing on as we begin to plan our October trip to the Carolinas.  Three more months!

I just got an email from Aunt B that her first great-grandson has arrived.  David Augustine made his appearance a little early but by all reports is healthy and gorgeous, a real keeper.  Congrats to LD, the first-time grandpa too.

July 2--American, Lover's Eyes.  Like a face at the keyhole she peers out at you, her green eyes glittering in the circle of gold.  Once the treasure of her beloved, now the locket rests in a display case, no longer warmed by his body heat.  The curator of the display where she lies visits her, talks to her as if to a confidant, his voice echoing in the long gallery.

I barely squeezed out the last sentence before I collapsed from exhaustion after my insanely busy day.  Did I mention that I had eleven customers?  It was really twelve, I forgot about the guy who came in for his certification card; since he didn't make a transaction he wasn't counted.  *pant, pant*  I'm off to walk along the river with Porter, cash my paycheck and then mail a box of thread to DD, she's sewing costumes this summer and needs thread.  Mom had a crapton so I'm sharing.

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Aunt B said...

Thanks for the shout out to Sonny Boy. Still can't believe that kid of mine is a grandpa!