Sunday, July 7, 2013


That's today's weather.  Yesterday's too.  It's headed into the 90s with a lot of nice 70%+ humidity with it.  I got up early to water the flowers along the front (south) side of the house.  Don't those red orange lilies look gorgeous?  I wish they'd stay longer but I'm glad they're there at all.  I'm very happy with my cauldrons too.  I left them molder empty in the shed too long.  They'll be gracing the front for as long as I can lift them into the wheelbarrow for the trip from the backyard.  (The cauldrons used to be around our pool in the Liberty St. house with coleus in them; they may get coleus again next year since I really like the colors of the leaves.)  I like yellow and red, although my geraniums seems to be overshadowed by the marigolds at the moment.  I anticipate change.

DS & DIL1 got their sod all laid yesterday so I don't get to help.  Tsk.  I really wanted to too.  Oh well, maybe I'll get to help the next time they do big yard work.  I'd much rather get all sweaty and dirty out in the yard hauling heavy things than cleaning inside.  I don't like cleaning.  I like having cleaned I just don't like to do it, although today's sole chore is to clean the bathroom.  (yesterday's was laundry--done)  I read a tip (in the newspaper, I think) to get rid of that mildew factory of a bathtub mat.  I don't leave ours on the tub floor, I stick it to the back wall of the shower so that the water drains out better but it still grows crud.  The tip suggests using that rubbery shelf liner that comes in a roll.  It's non-skid, sticks to the fiberglass just fine, and can be hung over a towel bar to dry or thrown in the wash to clean it.  I had to stop at the $ store the other day and picked up a roll of the cheap kind so we can try it before I invest in some of the pricey Rubbermaid stuff.  I'll report.

I'm thinking maybe I'll go downstairs and sew myself a new skirt today.  I've had the fabric for a while and I can always use something new to wear.  Besides I've been much more careful to stick closer to my points and to get off my duff and get some exercise this week so I anticipate a little weight loss tomorrow on weigh-in day.  A new skirt to wear in celebration might be just the thing.  A weight LOSS will be a welcome change when I step on the scale in the bathroom tomorrow morning.  I weigh as soon as I get up on Monday mornings, as early as possible just in case gravity hasn't caught me yet.  (I know it's silly, about as silly as waiting for all the electricity to run out of the wires when I throw the breaker before I change a plug or switch, but you never know, so I'm not taking chances.)

July 7--Southwestern Arabia, Standing Female Figure wearing a Strap and a Necklace.  She's a comforting little weight in my pocket.  Ever since I found her in a junky antique shop in Chicago I've kept her in my pocket, the left one to be precise.  I've never lost her, never misplaced her, and only sent her through the wash twice.  I was having a rotten day the day I found her.  I was in town for an interview and had gotten splashed on my way there.  I felt dirty and bedraggled, and I was sure I hadn't done my best.  Rather than sit and brood in my room or raid the minibar I stepped into a narrow antique shop down a side street.  There were tables piled on tables and chairs hung from the rafters.  I found my little good luck statue in a basket of old buttons and game pieces.  As soon as I'd paid for her my cellphone rang.  It was the interviewer's secretary asking if I could come in for another meeting in the morning. What did I tell you, she's lucky. 

Okay, I'm going to go... do something.  Probably get dressed.  Maybe down downstairs and dig out my skirt pattern.  Maybe veg on the couch and watch something while I knit a bit.  I promised Durwood that I won't do anything strenuous or involving heavy lifting, I'll give my shoulder a rest today.  Oh, and there's that fairly dirty bathroom that needs my attention.  I won't be bored.  Sayonara.

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