Friday, July 5, 2013

We're Duds

We didn't sparkler after all.  I forgot.  We didn't go watch the fireworks downtown and didn't even watch A Capitol Fourth on PBS.  Like I said, we're duds.  Durwood napped a lot yesterday after a restless night.  I made some Weight Watchers bean dip (that I forgot to eat any of), Weight Watchers coleslaw (Durwood added dressing but I loved it and only 1 point per 3/4 cup!), and Weight Watchers spiced honey almonds (honey and red pepper flakes, delish, and 10 nuts = 3 points).  I fired up the grill (charcoal, the REAL way to grill) and made a bunch of brats after Durwood had precooked them in beer and onions.  He doctored a big can of B&M baked beans that were pretty darned good (though not as good as the ones he makes from scratch in the crockpot), and we feasted.  I got some pita pockets (on sale at Woodman's) to tuck my brat into and some bolillo rolls for his. Perfecto.

This morning I'm off to pick up Porter to walk, drop off a tank at Van's, and some library books.  (god, I love library books and library download books.  I checked out two novels onto my Kindle Fire yesterday, zip boom bang, and could read them immediately, and they just disappear with the loan period's over.  LOVE it.)  Then I think I'm going to stop at JoAnn to find some big snaps and cute buttons to finish the Bean's Kimono.  After that I think I'll do a little online pattern research and cast on a project for our GRANDBABY arriving in early January.  That's right, DS & DIL1 decided that since they've kept the grand-chickens and grand-dog alive and well for so long they'd see how they'd do with a baby human.  They've decided that they don't want to know the sex of the baby before its birthday.  We're good with that and all so excited.

I might do the laundry too; it's piling up.  ("look, a duck"  ADD much?) 

June 5--Dominick LaValle, Shoe.  "And the rocket's red glare, the bombs bursting in air..."  Willie wondered if any other national anthem celebrated war.  She liked the song, especially when she was in a big crowd with a band playing and everyone singing.  She lay in bed on that July 4th night listening to fireworks pop near and far.  It was too late to go downtown to watch the city fireworks.  She had no one to go with anyway so it wouldn't be much fun.  She'd grilled her brat on the patio and made coleslaw.  It didn't make sense for her to buy a whole watermelon so she ate an orange, a juicy one, for dessert.  Through most of the afternoon she'd thought that she was the only one home in the neighborhood because it was so quiet.  Now that it was late, eleven o'clock by her digital alarm, she heard a few couples talking softly and she smelled a campfire.  She was tempted to get dressed and go out to join them.  Would she be welcome?

I might have been feeling a little bit sorry for myself at bedtime last night.  Ya think?  I enjoyed our day.  Oh, I wish we'd been at a party or downtown with the crowds and music and food and fireworks but I did what I wanted and enjoyed what I did.  I need to give myself a break and stop being swayed by what my inner 9-yr-old thinks I should do.  Begone, devil child!  Okay then, that's it for me today.  I'm outta here.

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Aunt B said...

Another baby on the way!!! And you'll be grandma -- really and truly grandma -- not the "pretend" kind to Porter and the chicks. So much better. And I know you'll be a wonderful grandma. Congratulations to you and to the parents-to-be!!!