Thursday, July 25, 2013

What Is There To Say About Thursday?

Nothing really this week.  The weather's pretty gorgeous, mid-summery, 80-ish and sunny, so no complaints about that.  It's my last day to work this week, so no complaints about that either.  It was pretty quiet at work yesterday and will probably be quiet again today, can't complain.  Well, I could but it wouldn't do any good, now would it?  I say enjoy the Thursday.  Be one with the Thursday.  Inhale the Thursday, exhale the weekend.

Do you think dreams mean anything?  I don't, not really.  I woke up today dreaming about sitting on the couch in the living room at the old Liberty Street house with Mom, talking to DD on the phone, telling her that we had her wallet, only it was Mom's wallet (but in reality it's really my wallet).  Mom was sleeping then woke up to talk to DD on the phone, then I was walking down Military Avenue to the very end, through businesses that aren't there anymore, to get two tires fixed.  I was carrying the tires.  See?  That can't mean anything.  It's just silly.

Durwood called yesterday to ask me to stop for bananas on my way home from work so I backtracked a couple blocks to the Kwik Trip near the dive shop and, lo and behold, the Sunny Hill Farms truck was parked by the Japanese restaurant with CORN.  Sweet corn.  I bought some.  It was deee-licious.  I thought about taking a picture but was too busy trying to keep butter from dripping off my elbows.

The big lilies are blooming.  The white ones which are really the only ones that weathered last year's drought in any kind of shape.  One pink Stargazer is making a cameo appearance, the others seem to have given up, but the one plant of white ones is going gangbusters, and the aroma is exquisite.

The bird lady was just on the morning show saying that this is the time to make sure your hummingbird feeders are full and clean since they're bulking up for migration.  They're so tiny I don't know how they manage to fly all that way without dropping dead but they do and they come back to us every year.  We've got one pair plus their babies that visit our feeders.

July 25--Alexander McQueen, Oyster Dress.  It looked like a bundle of rags, a log wrapped in fishing nets.  Kate squinted into the rising sun trying to figure out what it was that was wallowing in the surf just off the beach.  She hoped it was just a net tangle, not a beaching dolphin.  She looked up and down the beach.  None of the regulars was in sight.  Usually by now Max and his Lab mix, Peanut, were walking.  Peanut tried every day to catch a seagull and every day he failed.  Kate wished she hadn't forgotten her cellphone.  She could have called her grandson Edmond.  Edmond was a deputy, he'd come and fish whatever it was out and up onto the sand.  She looked again and in the growing light saw a hand floating, waving like kelp in the dawn surf.  She heard a dog bark and looked up to see Max and Peanut coming her way.

Thank god I got an idea.  I lay there looking at that messy dress on the mannequin and couldn't figure out what to write, and then I noticed that the bodice of it looks like a fishing net.  Whew.  That brought on thoughts of a body wrapped in nets rolling in the surf.  An idea!  *wipes sweat from brow*  Time to make myself (semi)presentable for work.  Adios.

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Aunt B said...

Dreams!! They've got to mean something but who knows what. I have a recurring theme in many of mine. Always lost and trying to get back somewhere. Any ideas??? Glad you're having some nice weather. Love the lilies.