Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Walk Porter First, Then Blog

On Friday, when I almost sweated myself dry on our walk (we've had very high humidity lately), I realized that I could get ready soon after arising, get the dog, walk when it's a bit cooler, and then come home to have breakfast and blog.  (Ooh, shifting my routine, that's dangerous.)  DS & DIL1 were still home when I got there around 7:30 so there was a bit of time to admire their new sloped lawn and keep them company while they had their breakfast smoothies.  (We haven't had a family supper since Mother's Day and I miss them, but they're talking about the last Sunday in July.  Yay!  What can we bring?)  Porter and I enjoyed our walk (well, I did, it's sometimes hard to tell with a dog), at least I wasn't as suffocatingly hot but I did see a bright red leaf.  Does that mean Autumn's on the way?  Say it ain't so.)  The less than good part was that Porter had just eaten so she made potty stops, yes, I said stops, once for #1 and twice for #2.  Greater love hath no dog granny that to carry 2 clean-up bags.  And thank you, Dollar Tree, for selling $1 clean-up bag carriers and rolls.  There was a small flock of Canada geese on one part of the trail that stood their ground when a jogger went by but they made themselves scarce as the mighty Porter and I neared.  She did pretty well heeling and sitting today although she has a tendency to sit sideways so she can see both ways down the trail.  That made a couple passing bicyclists laugh.  At least we're amusing, me and the dog.

I have to go out and tie up the tomatoes again today.  Those suckers are really shooting up.  I want to carry up the clean laundry for Durwood to fold and I need to find something fish-y for supper.  See, if we have fish for supper on Tuesday, we can put the fish-smelly dishes into the almost full dishwasher and then run it, and it's the night to put the trash out so the smelly fish bags and skin go out too.  Brilliant.  (Thank you, thank you, it was my idea.)  Maybe we should have honey soy salmon, we both like that a lot and there's salmon fillets in the freezer.  Another brilliant idea.  (I'm full of it, uh, them.)

July 9--Egon Schiele, Portrait of a Woman.  Leo thought he could draw.  He almost could.  His people looked a little off and his perspective was slightly skewed.  Take the portrait of his girlfriend, Maisie.  She was thin but not skeletal like he drew her.  Her hair was carroty red orange but not the frizzy cloud he evidently saw.  He got her ruffled dress and beautiful green eyes right but he gave her acres more forehead than she deserved.  Maybe he needed glasses.  Thick ones.

I'm off... and I'm leaving too.  I got an email from the library that I've got a few books on reserve to pick up and I'm out of blueberries.  Gasp!  Must fix that. Talk among yourselves.

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