Thursday, July 18, 2013

More Sizzle

Not cooling off yet.  It will, but not yet.  Maybe Saturday.  It looks so lovely out the window, sunny and breezy, but the air is heavy and weighs you down.  It's like having a kid clinging to each leg when I walk.  Remember those days?  You'd be walking around the kitchen making supper and a kid or two would grab you around the ankle... fun times.  (I need to paint this bedroom, it's uber-dingy, but that'd mean cleaning up all the crap I've got crammed in here... maybe next year... I'll just stop looking at the walls, especially where they join the ceiling)
I went out when I got up to fill the birdbath and see how the garden's growing.  I don't think the peppers in my upside-down planter are bell peppers.  See the little yellow green pepper in the lower left?  Not a rounded bell pepper.  Nope.  Some other kind of pepper.  That's what I get for buying unidentified pepper plants from a Hispanic man at the Farmer's Market.  Hey, all the greenhouses I went to were out; I was desperate and this is where desperation leads, to some random unknown pepper.  Tsk.  The daisies are happy looking, don't you think?  They've been one of my favorite flowers since I was a little girl.  They're so unpretentious and innocent looking.  I still like 'em.  The blueberries are ripening, a few every couple days.  I confess I don't think I'm patient enough, some of them aren't truly ripe when I pick them.  I need to leave them another day but I'm afraid that the catbird will come and peck them.  They're pretty good, a little puckery, but edible.

July 18--Roman; Early Imperial, Julio-Claudian Period, Bronze Portrait Bust of a Boy.  Rex hated having his hair combed.  His mama fussed and fiddled making sure each and every hair was placed just so.  She put in some sort of wax so that the comb marks stayed just like the vacuum marks had to stay in the living room rug.  She spent long minutes styling a band of his hair, twisting and twirling it so it resembled a laurel wreath.  Rex got tired and fidgety.  All he wanted to do was go out and play but Mama was having a tea and she expected him to greet her guests and escort them to their chairs.  He should be out playing, not primping like a courtier.

Poor kid.  He's got kind of a "deer in the headlights" look on his face.  Well, I had plenty of time to make a few phone calls for the knitting guild at work yesterday.  It was a bit to steamy for divers to be out hauling on thick black wetsuits.  Just the thought of that makes me feel sweaty.  I did have a cop in for half an hour.  He came for an octo holder, spent $1.90, and stayed to cool down.  We talked about dive sites and paged through an out of print dive site guide I keep in the car.  I even sent him off with a bottle of cold water.  He might have had on shorts, but he also had on 3 shirts and a Kevlar, he needed a cold drink.  It was my civic duty, plus he's a nice guy, kid, whatever.  From this end of the age range they all look like kids playing dress-up.  Time to write out how to fire up the Wii for Durwood.  It's been so long since he played he's forgotten how.  Toodles.

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Aunt B said...

I think your unidentified peppers are banana peppers. They're shaped kinda like a banana and are yellow -- and a bit sweet! Daddy used to eat them but never had any in his garden. Sweet daisies -- I love them too. They were in my bridal bouquet way back in 1955!