Monday, July 29, 2013

Breaking Records

And not in a good way.  On both Saturday and Sunday Green Bay had the lowest high temperatures for those dates EVER.  It only got up to 60 degrees yesterday because as soon as I typed that the sun was out it went away, and then once noon rolled around it started to drizzle and then rain, and it rained and rained and rained so that DIL1 and JZ, her dad, had to "grill" the chicken and corn on the cob in the kitchen.  They made the smoke alarm go off three times, even with the professional range hood fan turned up to 11.  The food was awesome.  They made some fabulous avocado/tomato/black bean/grilled corn salsa served with Fritos scoops for an appetizer.  The chicken had a mild chipotle barbecue sauce on it, the salad was watermelon with cucumbers, onions, and basil in a light vinaigrette, and the corn had a mix of butter, olive oil and garlic on it with a sprinkle of lime zest.  Very tasty.  Oh, and there was some kind of crusty cheesy bread too.  All yummy.  Our Key Lime Icebox Cake was a big hit, tart and cold and graham-y with a big dollop of real whipped cream and a tiny piece of lime peel on top.  I'm happy that there are 3 pieces left.  I realized how much I've missed Family Suppers since we skipped them since... Easter?  That can't be.  But maybe.  I also just realized that Family Supper is the only social life we have as a couple.  Now that's sad.  I'll have to think of how we can maybe change that.

I got all the laundry done yesterday.  Whoopee!  Clean undies!  It wasn't quite as much as I thought it was and one of my favorite socks got into the bleach load by mistake and is no longer blue stripes, it's purple stripes.  Blue is not my favorite color but I did like that sock.  *sigh*  But don't worry that it won't match its mate, it hasn't got one.  None of my socks do, they're mismatched.  I bought them a few years back from Little Miss Matched on the 'web (they're geometric designs and just plain ankle socks, not like the ones now) and I love them.  DIL1 bought me the first pair, er, trio and I ordered another just like it so that I could match them if I wanted but it tickled me to wear mismatched socks so I never did.  It makes it very easy folding wash, we just pile them up as they come out of the basket and poof! no orphans.  Quite frequently one goes missing but isn't found until I put on the shirt that it's stuck inside and I don't miss them because there are no forlorn socks waiting around for a match, I get a surprise when I'm getting dressed.  It's like a present.

DIL1 and her mom are driving across the state today to pick up two more chickens.  They're the kind that lay the Easter Egg colored eggs and I can't wait to meet them tomorrow when I go pickup Porter for our walk.  DS got naming rights since she named Henny & Penny.  Wanna know what he picked?  General Tso's & Kiev.  Get it?  DIL1 said he might be off the baby-naming committee.  I think it's funny naming chickens after recipes, but then I'm his mom.  I'll take their pictures so you get to see them.

July 29--North Switzerland, Madonna with Eight Saints.  You could find just about anything at the thrift store on the north end of Water Street.  They offered free pickup so not only did they regularly have the remains of estate and yard sales, they also received estates outright.  Mariette was amazed at how little people knew about art and antiques these days.  She was an avid fan of that appraisal show on PBS so she always had her measuring tape and magnifying glass in her purse when she went thrifting.  She was sorting through a pile of curtain panels when she saw the weaving.  It was very finely woven and very colorful.  She had no idea what it was worth but it would be perfect hanging in her bathroom.

Can you believe that tomorrow's the last day of July already?  Whoosh.  Summer.  It's Monday, a workday, and PAYDAY so I'll be moseying along since I want to swing by the library on my way across town.  The peaches I got at the corn stand last week are ripe and ready for eating.  I predict that one will go great on my cereal.  Oh, can't forget to make a lunch and I forgot to go get lunchmeat (dammit), so it's either a cheese sandwich or a PB&J for me today.  Ah well, it'll just be me and the schoolkids today.  See you.

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Aunt B said...

No, tomorrow is the last day of July. Thirty-ONE days this month! That used to be my wedding anniversary -- but that was in another life!