Wednesday, July 24, 2013

At Least Once More

Dr. Paula said that my shoulder is better (I told her it was) but agrees that I should go again in a week.  It sure feels good when she shoves my bones around.  I wish my back would stop aching one of these days but it occurred to me that all of the things I do involve hunching over--knitting, writing, computering, sewing--and I've got pretty big kabongas as added weight in front.  *sigh* I think I'm doomed to have a sore upper back because I'm for sure not quitting doing those things.

Aaron, my computer fixit guy, said that probably my computer wasn't hacked by a virus, only my email password was "borrowed" so that the advertiser could disseminate their ad to you all, so all I had to do was change that password and all is well-ish.  I suspect the only really safe way to compute is... to not.  Or only use it for a glorified typewriter and never go on the 'net.  But I don't think I can stop going online.  It's where I keep track of my Weight Watchers stuff, all my yarn, projects, etc. is on Ravelry, and then there's this blog.  I think I'd sink (even further) into a funk without this blog and the assumption (hope) that you're out there reading this.

I have to tell you, the neighbor kids have been playing outside lately and I freaking love hearing kids outside playing, hollering and shouting and laughing and chasing around playing games.  It sounds right.  It's too quiet with no kids and dogs making noise out there.  Just sayin'.

See this morning's clouds?  I love the blue sky, white clouds, and the sun's rays today.  Beautiful.

July 24--United States, Quilt, Fan Pattern.  Every night for the whole winter Minerva sat in the pool of light next to the fireplace and cut narrow pieces of fabric for her quilt.  For the first time she had bought fabric, fresh unused fabric, to piece the top.  It was solid red for the fan design and white with black pin dots for the background.

And that's when I conked off.  I've been staying up too late the last couple nights to finish a book and so by the time I hit the sack, I really hit it.  I was intrigued on Monday when I zipped into the downtown Library to pick up a book I had on Hold (forgot to change the "where to pick up" location) to see a sign advertising an Adult Summer Reading program, so I asked about it and signed up.  For every 5 books you read, listen to, or read to a kid you get an entry into a drawing for prizes, 2 Kindles & 2 $50 gift cards.  I signed up since I'm a reading fool.  Might as well get my name into the drawings.  Wonder if I can get retro-credit for all the ones I've read since it started in June.  Wonder if I remember them.  Anyway, I'm off, and not only that I'm leaving.  SeeYaBye.

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