Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Welcome, New GrandChickens!

DIL1 and her mom went all the way to Friendship, WI (about a 3 hour drive) to pick up General Tso & Kiev, the new chickens.  (You can buy anything on Craigslist)  They're buff Ameraucana chickens and they lay pastel colored eggs.  I can't wait to see them.  I'm guessing it'll take a few days for them to get into a laying mood but so far it seems like they're getting along with Henny & Penny pretty well.  DIL1 brought them home in a cat carrier and then once it was dark put the carrier into the chicken coop with the door open.  She said that at about 5:30 this morning evidently the 2 new girls decided to check out the chicken house where the 2 older girls were sleeping.  Squawking commenced but I guess no feathers flew.  When I was there the 2 pairs were sticking close to each other.  I think they're a pretty color, don't you?  Now the flock is complete, since the city ordinance allows 4. 
Porter and I had a nice walk this morning along the Trail.  We met a group of 8 bicyclists, 5 still with training wheels and all with fancy helmets, in the park along the way.  After the moms asked if she was friendly all the little boys (2 sets of identical twins) were happy to pet Porter and the biggest girl just about had the dog in her lap.  The littlest girl, about 4 years old, told me she wouldn't be petting the dog because she was afraid of dogs.  I told her that I'd been afraid of dogs my whole life until I met Porter and fell in love with her.  She looked up at me with wide eyes and said, "Really?"  It was like she thought she was the only person on Earth afraid of dogs; I figure that was my good deed for the day.  We passed them on the way back to the car, she was in the lead and called out, "Hi, doggie!" with a big smile on her face.  After every walk Porter gets a drink when we get back to the car but she won't drink if I offer it when she's on the pavement.  She has to be in the backseat and prefers to drink as I pour the water from the bottle into the cup.  If she's still thirsty she doesn't really like drinking out of the cup, although she will deign to lap once just to show me what a good sport she is, so I pour the water back into the bottle so I can re-pour it.  DIL1 says she's a princess.  I think she's a diva.

July 30--Peru, Moche, Decapitator Plaque.  The little green man with the axe and severed head rode a lightning bolt.  It had to be a dream.  Dinah knew that something was wrong.  Time had become elastic and colors sounded all wrong.  The clock chimes nearly sent her to her knees.  Had she eaten something that disagreed with her?  The green man jangled back toward her, his seashell eyes cracked and menacing.  Dinah tried to cry out but the sound stuck in her throat.  Icy fingers trailed down her back as she fell into the black silence that appeared at her feet.  She squirmed away from the edge but once again the green man flung himself at her and she cringed away from the heat of his lightning.

Okaaaay.  That's evidently what happens when you have Philly Cheese Steak pizza at 8 PM.  I just talked to Mrs. Boss and she's working for me tomorrow since I'm working for her on Friday. Yay, two days off in a row.  Woohoo!  Time to go find a cheese sandwich or something similar for lunch.  Toodles.

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Aunt B said...

That is one impressive chicken coop! And the two new residents look somehow regal (if chickens can EVER look regal). Love their names! And I'm with DIL1, he can't take the lead on naming the baby!!