Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Window Washee

This morning instead of working out I took my Windex and a roll of paper towels next door to 1508 and washed all the windows inside and out. You can flip the windows down or in from the top so that you can do both sides from indoors. It makes it soooo much easier to wash them. I only had to go outside to do the patio doors and the front windows. Naturally I was up on the stepstool in the front yard in my jammies when the garbage men came by. Hi, guys! Now all I have to do is chase the spiderwebs in the basement and sweep down there. I think maybe I'll carry the shop vac over to do that. Durwood's charged with cleaning the stove top and outside. Then we'll be able to see if the self-cleaning still works. Fingers crossed. We really don't want to have to buy a new stove for over there, although it is 32 years old and avocado green, as is the range hood and sink. We have a new stove but avocado hood and sink too. One of these days we'll catapult ourselves nearer to the new millennium. We'll take out the kitchen carpeting too.

I worked myself to a frazzle yesterday starting with a 4 mile walk with Dusty and Julie, errands with Durwood, and then a full afternoon of cupboard washing, cobweb chasing, light fixture washing, and lawn mowing. *pant, pant* I was surprised that I had any energy left at all when it came time to write last night.

September 28--Slea Head, Ireland. Gail could admire the geology of the peninsula as she walked along the road beside the fields. The slope of the hillside where the small farms clung was so even that it had to owe its existence to a tectonic shift. In her mind she head the creak and groan of the mantle and crust of the planet as pressure grew below or maybe the screech as one plate subducted below another. She didn't want to be in an earthquake, not really, but she did wish she could rewind and then fast forward to watch the land thrust up out of the sea. She wondered if the sheep would stop grazing, they didn't seem to stop for much of anything.

Not long, but an interesting twist. Think I'll take an Aleve and see if I can convince my knees to stop aching. I have great plans for taking them for a walk at The Clearing when I'm up there all next week so they'd better stop hurting me.

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