Thursday, September 2, 2010


You know you're getting older when you need more sleep. Ha! I kept hitting the snooze button and finally turned the thing off and dozed off again. Good ol' Durwood came in and said, "Honey, it's 7:15." I won't tell you what I said...oh, what the heck, I flung off the covers, vaulted out of bed, and yelled, "Dammit!" Not the most graceful or ladylike awakening but energetic. Now I'll feel wrong-footed all day. I love that. I had a lovely birthday. There were spatulas on my windshield when I went out to go to work (thanks, Dear), Mom came and sang me Happy Birthday, I got a call from DD and we had a nice chat, I had a root beer with DS and got to hold a baby (Emma Thibeault) at the farmer's market, Durwood and I went to Tony Roma's for my free birthday supper and we shared a hot fudge sundae for dessert. An all-around excellent day. I even had customers, paying ones! Even better the press release I need to submit today finally came together in the afternoon and I got the first draft pounded out. I reworked it last night and this morning, and just shipped it off before I started this post. Woohoo!

September 1--Tahiti. The warm water lapped clear and gentle at the edge of the shallows. Beyond it the bottom dropped away fast, the color of the water went from the palest turquoise to navy blue quickly. Eva stood still as a statue, her eyes following the dark gray shadows of the sharks as they patrolled the edge of the reef. Every day she watched them, confident that there was enough of their usual food available that she wasn't in danger but she knew that as soon as she speared a fish those cold black eyes would turn her way. Most days she could wait until they had fed and swam back out beyond the break to the open ocean. But today Malia had sent her out early, told her to hurry back with fish for a special meal. There was no time to wait for the great gray shapes to swim away. She had to be fast, to take her chances, to strike and escape. She raised her spear arm and waited, slowing her breathing. She flung her spear, felt it connect, and the water around her exploded.

Yikes. Enjoy your day, it's supposed to rain here. Just what we need, more moisture in the air. You can already wring it out.

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