Saturday, September 4, 2010

Good Sleeping Weather

I convinced Durwood to sleep in the other room last night so that I could sleep with the windows open because it got COOL in the night. Yay! Oh, it was excellent lying there under the open window with the cool, 50-ish night air washing over me. Ahhh, that's good sleeping. This morning I've scraped and wire brushed both garage doors and the trim around them. Next I'll wash them down with Murphy's Oil Soap, let them dry, prime the raw wood, let that dry, and then paint the whole shebang. I might get done today but for sure tomorrow, then I'll still have two more days off to goof around. It's a pain not getting paid for holidays but I do like having that long stretch of days off--5!--in a row. I'll work next Saturday and a week from Tuesday because Mrs. Boss is going to be in the Bahamas, so I'll make up the lost wages in a snap. Are you doing anything fun for the weekend?

September 3--Barbados. Waves marched from the deep blue of the horizon to smash themselves to foam on the beach at Britt's feet. She had always dreamed of visiting Barbados since she had read The Witch of Blackbird Pond in grade school. The book made it sound like paradise and it made good fuel for her dreams in the middle of the fierce Wisconsin winters. She remembered picturing the sugar white sand and the towering palm trees under the dome of sky dotted with puffy white clouds, and now she was standing in her dream. The musical voices of the natives made talking sound like singing and the heat of the sun made her feel like she'd never need to leave.

Not the most inspired thing I've ever written but I do remember dreaming big fantasies about Kit and Nat and running away to Barbados.

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